Body&Shadow 046. vandal

Chapter 072 from Body&Shadow ft. Li and Jin.

Content Warning: Erotica, M/M, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. By purchasing and downloading, you affirm that you are 18+ and are of legal age to view this content.

  • Length 15 pages
  • Wordcount 7,915
  • Format PDF

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J (Mission, TX, US)
automotive allegory and butane torch touches

Right off the back, I’m gonna say this: I was not exacting this to be as smutty as it was. I know Nen and Liz both prepared me for it but the point being that these two muses are vulgar and thirsty for each other and it shows. There’s that roguishness that’s very much appropriate for young men just getting a feel and definitely for two men who’ve been eyeing each other for a bit.

Also I share the same horny brain cell with Jin when it comes to Li, so there’s that.

This is honestly one of my favorite kinds of smut, where it’s not just passionate but playful, fiery even. They’re in lust and possibly love and having fun with each other. There’s banter, oh lord is there ever, and dirty talk, and the use of automotive analogies is nothing short of apt. I really hope we continue to see more of these two.

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