Body&Shadow 032. wreck

Chapter 032 from Body&Shadow ft. Laike and Yuhui.

Content Warning: Erotica, M/M, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. By purchasing and downloading, you affirm that you are 18+ and are of legal age to view this content.

  • Length 9 pages
  • Wordcount 4,000
  • Format PDF

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Category: writing

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J (Mission, TX, US)
ambassadors of alliteration

Such a pretty scene and descriptions for a first time. Oh, these sweet boys, Laike’s nervousness is so palpable here. He’s between boy and man, learning desire and how it’s at odds with his training, everything he knows by what I’ve gleaned from Xueyu’s teaching and the overall feeling of Juanshi and the mountain.

Such a lovely scene that follows the equally exquisite Hourglass.

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