Body&Shadow 021. a single pull of scarlet

Chapter 021 from Body&Shadow ft. Quan and Yila.

Content Warning: Erotica, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. By purchasing and downloading, you affirm that you are 18+ and are of legal age to view this content.

  • Length 10 pages
  • Wordcount 4,716
  • Format PDF

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Category: writing

Type: Digital Download

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J (Mission, TX, US)
a cross between cats and snakes mating

First off, the back-and-forth fucking slays me between them, this is the dialogue I live for in relationships - crass and crude and hilarious and intimate and loving and passionate all at once. Reading these two fuck is akin to watching a cross between big cats and snakes mating; coiling together, equally intense, and terribly frightening and yet somehow sweet. They have claws and could annihilate one another, but they don't. It's white-hot like a sun and burns as much.

I see nothing but red and gold after reading them, brocade and vermillion silks marred by grass stains and filth. The turns of phrases and the pacing is simultaneously languid and harried, prey-soft and predator-toothed; equal parts taunting and coaxing. An absolute delight from start to finish and good god, does it feed my imagination in all the worst ways.

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