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Flicker || Open Edition Giclee

Get yourself an archival giclee print of the painting Flicker printed in house on Moab's Entrada Natural Cotton rag with Nen's semi-animate Epson SC-P7000, Hafthor the Emotionally Needy Witch Hunter. Lightfast up to 900 hours of direct sunlight. Matte finish, smooth surfaced, super porous-- like what she paints on. Also, hand signed. 

 Comes in 11x17 and 13x19 for your pleasure. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jinn (Lancaster, OH, US)
Those Shadows

I can not stress enough how lovely the colors are on the paper. Your eyes tell your brain that it is an actual painting due to the texture of the paper and the vibrancy of the colors. Shadows look deep and threatening; creatures possibly hiding within them threatening to fly out and snatch your soul. Magic breathes and travels outward from the print to grab your attention. Even in a dim lit room, the whites in the print can be easily seen and still look as magical.

BeglitteredGeek (Costa Mesa, CA, US)
Nen's art is nothing short of magical...

This is one of my favorite prints of Nen's! I love this so much I've got two of them in different rooms! It combines so many of my favorite things... witchy stuff, The Witcher, corvids, magic, skulls. It's absolutely beautiful! Nen's prints are always top tier quality. The paper is high quality, the inks are vibrant, the print quality crisp.

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