Enamel Pin: Suminagashi Lungs—A Quarrel of Swallows

1.5 x 1 inch hard enamel pin of the suminagashi lungs in Nen and Liz's WIP painting "A QUARREL OF SWALLOWS" featuring Eoran from COLLAPSE.

COLLAPSE is a collaborative novel written by Nen and Liz. Suminagashi is the result of laying paper atop ink swirling on water's surface. Below is an excerpt of the passage that inspired the original painting:

he breathed
piper calm, but well inside, his blood grew a quarrel of swallows, starving in his creosote chimney veins, black eyes pleading with mortality and winglets beating in begging torment, flutterfeathers broken and bent, bloodfeathers ripped in all their rustling; betrayed by their confines of slick agony, slippery poison, sanguine suffocation.

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